If you read Governor Hickenlooper’s proclamation about his special session to fix SB17-267, you would think that the entire legislature, including the bill’s sponsors, were behind the move. You would be wrong. Here is a section of the Governor’s proclamation:

“We have had extensive conversations with Senate Bill 17-267 sponsors, interested stakeholders, and General Assembly leadership to identify how to minimize harms to impacted special districts, other limited purpose governmental entities and their constituents; and achieve greater clarity and efficiency in the State’s tax code. A special session is the most expedient way to advance those interests.”

Here is what one of the sponsors of the bill said about the Governor’s decision to call a special session:

“This is not the way government should work in Colorado. Calling a special session without an understanding of the game plan, or proper consultation with the legislators involved, is an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars.”

According to Senate leadership, they were not consulted until after a special session had been called. In fact, most Republican legislators currently claim that the fix would be a tax increase and would need to go to a vote of the people. It’s obviously too late this year, so 2018 would be the earliest.

It looks like those bike lanes might come in handy after all, if the buses stop running, that is.