Independent voters have an invitation to the Republican Party next year for the primary elections.
Republican leaders voted during a Central Committee meeting on Saturday to allow unaffiliated voters to help them chose the party’s nominee.

A provision allows the party to opt out in two years, but the arguments in favor of giving non-party members a say in party matters were very persuasive.

Mainly that if independents could only vote in the Democrat primary, they would do just that in large numbers and continue to support that candidate.

Republican Party spokesman Daniel Cole also argued that cancelling the primary might alienate the party’s base.

The majority of Republican leaders attending the meeting agreed and 67 percent voted for the open primary while 33 percent opposed it. the vote required a super majority of 75 percent to block independents, and didn’t even come close.

So welcome to the party, independents. We hope you’ll find plenty to like in the Republican choices next year.