Westerns know the Interior Department is full of liberals dedicated to furthering the agenda of Democrats and the environmental community.

But we still find it amusing and refreshing that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke actually outed his own staff in a speech Monday when he revealed that a third of his 70,000 employees are intent upon sabotaging the president’s efforts to reform the agency.

That’s one of the reasons Zinke said he is looking to move several key agencies to western states like Colorado, to “push your generals where the fight is.”

By having those bureaucrats in the field, Zinke hopes to speed up the process that languishes for years to approve energy development and logging, the costs of which are always passed on to consumers.

He’s also taking aim at bureaucrats’ most favorite dysfunctional law they love to abuse, the Endangered Species Act.

Instead of using the law to save species from extinction and working to delist the critters, “there is no off-ramp” once the law kicks into gear, Zinke said.

God speed in reforming that mess, Zinke. That’s one law that stands as a monument to the action of greenies who are more interested in blocking development to harm people than actually saving a species.