Yesterday, a left-leaning blog suggested that Walker Stapleton and other gubernatorial candidates were unwise to embrace the oil and gas industry in Colorado. We beg to differ. If the left thinks it can win in 2018 by denigrating the oil and gas industry, it is sadly mistaken.

First and foremost, the oil and gas industry supports 232,000 jobs in Colorado. Those 232,000 people have friends and family. Those positively and directly impacted by the oil and gas might be close to a million. In the 2014 gubernatorial election, just over two million people voted. The electoral math on demonizing an industry that impacts 232,000 people with friends and family doesn’t make sense at all.

Next, the oil and gas industry is used to be demonized by left wing nut jobs. The industry already has infrastructure in place to push back against these false narratives. If the left thinks that Democrats can come out swinging against the oil and gas industry without damaging their own candidates, the left is sadly mistaken.

But don’t take our word for it, Democrats. Please feel free to continue to trash one of the largest industries in our state, the people who work for it, and the candidates who support them.