Are those so-called Assault Rifles???

In a strange turn of events, the far left, Bernie-backed Indivisible-esque groups, called Redneck Revolt, in Colorado are taking up arms and forming their own pseudo militias, according to a bizarre article by the Colorado Springs Independent. From the article:

“Aside from counter-recruitment and firearms training, Redneck Revolt is committed to ‘community defense,’ which essentially means acting as liberal-left protesters’ de facto security detail. The local chapter’s first appearance in this capacity was at the Aug. 20 rally in solidarity with the counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, who stood up to the racists who descended on their city for a torch-lit march.”

Alrighty. The movement’s participants don’t shy away from violence. Here is what one of the left-leaning participants said about her decision to take up arms:

“For me the turning point was … getting locked out of [U.S. Rep. Doug] Lamborn’s office,” she says. “And that’s when I was like, we need to stop being polite. They work for us and if they don’t want to hear me, I’ll make sure they do.”

Well, that sure sounds like a threat of violence against a Congressman, but we’re sure we’re reading that wrong. Right, Lefties?

Either way, this is a strange turn for the Democratic Party. As a friendly reminder, Democrats in 2013 railed against the very “assault” rifles carried by these buffoons.Will Democrats embrace this new segment of the constantly-drifting-left party? Or, is this yet another fissure within the Democratic Party that seems to be crumbling apart at the seams?