Hold onto your wallets, the state legislature reconvenes today for a special session demanded by Gov. Hickenlooper to spend upwards of $75,000 to fix a tax typo.

By revamping the tax on pot, some “special districts” including the zoo, a museum, and transportation agencies will miss some payments.

It’s not an emergency and could certainly wait three months when lawmakers go back into regular session.

At first the special districts said they were okay with the delay and could wait until January. But now, Hickenlooper has persuaded those districts to pay the $75,000 plus for the special session out of their own pockets, with our tax money.

“Having interested parties pay the cost of a special session has to be one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard from this governor, coming in close second to his baffling and botched decision to hold an unnecessary special session without doing the pre-planning and consultations required to improve our chance of success,” said Republican Senate President Kevin Grantham.

Some lawmakers question whether they can even fix the tax snafu to raise more revenues, arguing that the question would have to go back to voters.

Hitting the nail squarely on the head, here’s how 9 News reported what will happen today:

State legislators are being forced back to the Capitol Monday morning where they’ll just sit there. They don’t have to do anything in the special session called for by Gov. John Hickenlooper.