The EPA has been using potentially toxic material from a waste pile to build roads for their Superfund project.

This happened at the same Superfund project that was declared after the EPA caused the massive mine spill in the Animas River near Silverton.

Once again, the EPA is trying to blame someone else for the problem, this time a contractor, even though it was an EPA official who told the contractor to do it.

And you’ll never guess who spotted the muck up, as reported by the Durango Herald:

It also just so happened that Albert Kelly, one of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s senior advisors, was touring the Superfund site when the group discovered that mine waste was used to grade the road.

Silverton Town Trustee Pete Maisel summed up the reaction best when this top Trump administration official discovered the recontamination of the very site the EPA is supposed to be cleaning:

“I believe he was pissed off at his own people.”

We predicted early and often that declaring a Superfund here was not the answer, and would likely make the problem worse.

But never, in our wildest dreams, could we have predicted this.