Mark Matthews, the Denver Post’s Washington, D.C. reporter, wrote yesterday that Dan Baer, the final Democrat filed to run to replace U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, has bowed out of the race. This announcement is shocking. Well, only because it took so damn long.

Baer told the Post, “There will be other ways and other times to make the case for change. I set out to make an argument about the future — not to challenge Ed.”

Right. But, Perlmutter dropped out of the gubernatorial race on July 10 and announced he would seek re-election on August 21. That was six weeks ago.

So, again, why did it take so long to make this decision? Did Perlmutter’s anemic campaign for Governor open him to a challenger from the left? Was Baer actually weighing his options this entire time? Did it take Baer six weeks to come up with that statement, indicating he had the worst writers’ block ever?

Either way, Baer looks indecisive and Perlmutter still looks weak as a statewide campaign after his disastrous gubernatorial bid.