The Trump administration has put the venting and flaring rule on hold until 2019 so it can review the over-reaching Obama-era regulation that was backed by environmentalist to cripple the energy industry.

Long story short, the folks who provide heat and fuel are elated, and so are consumers who won’t see price increases because of the costly rules.

On the other side of the issue, the collective “Chicken Littles” of Big Green are screaming that the planet will burst into flames, because climate change.

This is why the government is delaying and reviewing the rule:

“As we strengthen America’s energy independence, we intend to evaluate regulations to determine if they unnecessarily encumber energy production, constrain economic growth, or prevent job creation,” said acting BLM Director Michael D. Nedd.  “Our proposal would give the BLM sufficient time to review the 2016 final rule and consider revising or rescinding its requirements.”

The BLM never even had this kind of regulatory authority, which belongs to the states. Equally baffling, is that environmentalists complain the rule is needed to prevent natural gas waste. When companies insist they are not wasting their own products, enviros complain the industry is just being greedy.

What’s truly greedy, is inventing problems to unnecessarily worry and frighten the public, and then capitalize on the fear by raising donations to fix a problem that doesn’t exist just to collect a huge paycheck.