Fractivists aren’t the brightest bulbs on the planet, and they proved that yet again by staging a “die-in” demonstration the day after the Las Vegas tragedy in which nearly 60 people lost their lives in a brutal and intentional act of violence.

Completely clueless of how events were affecting our nearby neighbors, the protesters stormed a Boulder meeting holding fake tombstones, the epitaph read “Killed by Gas.”

Described as a “Peaceful die-in,” the demonstration was meant to raise awareness donations for their cause.

EBCU used an image of the protesters lying on the ground at the Boulder County Commissioners (BCC) meeting while holding grave markers, to promote and solicit donations to their efforts with the caption: “If you like what you’ve seen recently, please consider donating to our general fund.”

This is the worst publicity and fundraising stunt we’ve ever seen. Environmentalists should be ashamed of themselves.