The national championship of solar living held in Denver this week was cut short, because it turns out that the sun doesn’t shine when there’s a snowstorm.

Sadly for the U.S. Energy Department, they didn’t take this into consideration when they over-hyped the so called “Solar Decathlon,” declaring it would “blow your mind.”

What blows our mind is that they didn’t take snow into consideration when they chose Colorado.
They actually compared the opening ceremonies to the Olympics on a smaller budget, before reaching to the bottom of the pitch bag and declaring it the event a good way to get kids out of the house.

Another way to get kids out of the house, we hear, is to send them skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Because, Colorado.

Channel 9 News did a spot-on take down of the soggy non-event, and how much work it took the participants to collect enough energy, two kilowatts, to power a couple of coffeemakers. Watch it here.