At least they’re OSHA-compliant?

It has always been a favorite past time of the left – laughing at conservatives who reasonably assume that there are big dollars behind organizing homeless drifters, ex-cons, and other reprobates who hide their faces and violently disrupt peaceful political speech.

Well, we told you that there was big money behind the folks running around in black masks, now there is clear proof that some of the largest “charitable foundations” are funneling money into these activities, many of which are happening right here in Colorado.

The Washington Free Beacon got its hands on unredacted tax filings from the Center for Community Change Action (CCCA), a “social justice organization” that claims to “build the power of low-income individuals.”

Sounds nice, right?  Until you look under the hood and see that their idea of building up “low income individuals” consists of tweeting gems such as saying that the president has “white supremacist buddies,” the travel ban against Islamic theocracies as “racist,” and the president’s “sabotage of the health care system.”

Some household names are funding this crap. The Ford Foundation, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and individual donors that donate through a Fidelity sponsored investment vehicle. All three corporations have come out to say that the charitable arms operate independently from the corporation, and maintain separate boards.

Nonetheless, when the left claims that these protests are organic, we know better.