“Comedian” George Lopez is learning what might pass for acceptable behavior in Hollywood doesn’t fly among polite company in the middle of the country.  It took a full week, but the vicious comments by “comedian” George Lopez, which resulted in him being booed off the stage at a Denver charity dinner, are making national headlines.  Big time – we’re talking Drudge Report and Page Six.

Lopez was tapped to emcee the Carousel Ball, one of the state’s longest running (and most expensive) charity events, organized to fund research to cure children’s diabetes.  To give you some context, the cheapest table at the event came with a $5,000 donation, and Lenny Kravitz was flown in for the night’s entertainment. Since the event started in 1977, it has raised more than $100 million for this worthwhile cause.

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Greg Maffei, an executive and philanthropist that we are fortunate to have living in our community, simply asked Lopez to cool it with the anti-Trump jokes after poorly received jokes about the border wall with Mexico and El Chapo.  That’s when things started to go really poorly for Lopez.

Lopez’s vile response: “I apologize to your white privilege.” He also oddly replied to Maffei, “Thank you for changing my opinion about old white men, but it does not change my opinion about orange men.”

After dropping an f-bomb, receiving a bitter crowd reaction, and introducing a video clip, the emcee never returned to the microphone.  A local television journalist finished out the night’s duties.

We’re not sure what the organizing committee of this year’s Carousel Ball were thinking by inviting Lopez to emcee.  Lopez, a vocal Hillary supporter, has quite a track record of anti-social remarks about the president.  Shortly after the election, Lopez was asked whether he was willing to give Trump a chance.  His reply – “I’ll give him a chance to suck my a$$.”  This important institution in our town most certainly will recover, and, hopefully, will return next year with a more appropriate “talent” lineup.

As for Lopez, he’s fooling himself if he thinks people paying $500 per plate for a black-tie dinner came to listen to him complain about Trump. They can do that for free at home watching CNN and MSNBC in their pajamas.