Broomfield Ward 3 candidate Deven Shaff, a former opera singer and current stay-at-home dad, appears to have turned running for local office into a new source of household income. This probably won’t please his donors, including anti-fracking Congressman, Boulder millionaire, and would-be governor Jared Polis.

Campaign finance reports filed yesterday show that Shaff has pocketed more than $3,300 of campaign funds since July. That is more than 80 percent of his campaign expenditures to date, according to the report. Among other things, he is using money from donors – including a $500 contribution from the Boulder Congressman – to pay himself as the campaign manager, photographer, designer and printer. What a renaissance man!

But, surely the candidate has contributed to his own campaign, right? Well, sort of. He’s only given $100. Make that $125 if you count a $25 in-kind contribution for buying his own ticket to a beer, wine and pizza fundraiser for the Broomfield Open Space Foundation in August.

Based on this week’s filing, Shaff has received 26 times more money from his own campaign than he has contributed himself. That’s a pretty impressive profit margin, and assuming his donors don’t demand their money back, the sky’s the limit between now and Election Day.