The Boy Scouts should have expected trouble in inviting Colorado State. Rep. Vicki Marble to their meeting. At least that’s what the Denver Post claimed in a recent editorial. The editorial also notes that Marble is polarizing. That may be true, Marble may be polarizing. But are the Boy Scouts meant to be a safe space for boys or are they supposed to help young men (and now girls? we don’t get it) grow into successful adults? Can Boy Scouts handle having their beliefs challenged by a polarizing figure? Yes or No? According to the Post, No.

The Post called a move by the Boy Scouts an “unnecessary and hurtful overreaction.” That’s probably something that the boy’s parents should have considered before setting up for failure and making him ask polarizing questions of Marble. Yes, we said it. Even if no other media outlet will say it – we will. There is no way that some 10-year old kid came up with the questions he asked. In addition, he just happened to be there videotaping the incident? And his mom just happened to videotape the incident and share it on social media?

Come on. We weren’t born yesterday and the Post‘s pretense that it was all an innocent affair is just pollyannaish and annoying. What’s really pathetic is that this parent set her kid up for failure, ridicule, and embarrassment. Democrats should stop using their kids to score political points against Republicans. It’s getting old and it damages kids.