‘Queen Phoenix’s’ fundraising page to raise donations for her legal fund.

Denver activist “Queen Phoenix” who faces marijuana charges after cops busted her for “gifting” pot in exchange for donations to her cause, did not show up for her court date and is on the lam.

The cops are looking for her and may issue a warrant, Westword is looking for her and reports that her social media has been deleted and her cell phone disconnected.

“Queen Phoenix,” whose real name is Dezy Saint-Nolde, was one of the organizers of
the Nov. 10 march against Donald Trump, the protest this summer against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and other leftists causes.

She claims she was not selling pot, but believed it was legal to exchange it for money if that money was going for her political cause.

She created a defense fund online and raised nearly $4,000 for her defense from 100 supporters, and says her arrest was a direct result of her activism, Westword reports.

She rejected a plea deal and planned to prove her innocence in court. By missing her court date she may have inadvertently made a case that she’s not as innocent has she would have us believe.