The Denver Post polled gubernatorial candidates on selected questions when it comes to gun control that produced no surprises

Only one Democratic candidate actually owns a gun, Mike Johnston, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have one, judging by his responses

He supports the 2013 laws that don’t work, he doesn’t want guns protecting schools, he wants bump stocks banned, is against silencers, wants more gun control from Congress, and permits to conceal carry.

Noel Ginsburg, Cary Kennedy, and Donna Lynne agree with him, Jared Polis refused to take the survey.

The Post surmises that the Second Amendment for Polis “could reveal the degree to which gun-control groups have gained influence on the left.”

He’s danced around the issue in the past, but now that he’s running for governor we suspect he will take a strong stance in favor of gun control.

The left doesn’t just influence the issue of gun control, they are the undisputed leaders of it.

The Republican responses were more mixed, you can see all the results here.