Democrat Cary Kennedy is telling teachers she will give them a pay raise if they vote her into the governor’s mansion.
If only she could.

It’s up to local school districts how much teachers are paid, not the governor.

But here’s what she’s telling the teacher’s unions media about her plan.

The main goal is to get every Colorado kid into college or the work force by the age of 19. To do that, she’s putting her political capital into making the state’s teachers happier.

She will make teachers happier by sabotaging TABOR, raising our taxes, then giving the money to school boards in the hope they will pass on some of that money to teachers.

It’s not much of a plan. Pretty standard fare, actually, to get union support by promising them money.

What’s disturbing is that her plan to educate our children and get them ready for college is by “making the state’s teachers happier” by raising our taxes.

That might make for a good campaign strategy, but it’s a lousy deal for the kids and that’s the purpose of education, to teach children.