We’re not sure what was going on with our friends on the left this weekend, but they were so excited about their gotcha that they didn’t actually get it. Apparently, the left tried to claim that Mike Coffman brushed off a Telemundo reporter. Here’s the truth: Coffman was waving the reporter forward where they spoke away from the protesters. He also gave a lengthy interview with the Spanish-language television station covering far more substantive topics than a group of women dressing as pilgrims to protest their religious oppression in the United States. Or, was that Saudi Arabia where women just earned the right to drive? Neither here nor there.

See Coffman’s tweet:

It was a valiant effort by the left to try to knock Coffman from his hero status among those not old, white, and male in his district, but, ultimately, an airball.

And, as far as the event itself, which featured Vice President Mike Pence, the left claimed that there were more people protesting than at the event. However, our sources who were actually working the event told us that the event was basically sold out.

And…he throws up a brick. Ouch.