Last week, former GOP Congressman Tom Tancredo revealed a poll showing that he would best any of the current Republican gubernatorial candidates in the field. This week, he’s making plans to enter the race, according to Colorado Politics. Here’s what Tancredo said about joining the crowded race:

“’I think that all of the things we need to do in the state of Colorado really require some bold leadership. It will not be easy to get some real change here, but I think I can provide that kind of leadership. I’m not afraid of taking on tough issues and being bold.’ He said pressing issues facing Colorado families include roads, gun rights, education, sanctuary cities, energy and growth.”

Tancredo joins a crowded field that includes DA George Brauchler, former state Rep. Victor Mitchell, businessman Doug Robinson, state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, and, perhaps, AG Cynthia Coffman, among others. The candidate most impacted by Tancredo’s entrance is likely to be Brauchler who currently is popular with the grassroots arm of the Republican Party.

While Tancredo may top the polls among likely Republicans, his popularity, driven part by his polarizing views, part by his charismatic personality, may not translate to a win in even the primary. Remember, this year is the first that unaffiliated voters will vote in primary elections. Although some say they will have little effect, even a small swing could make a difference in a crowded field. In the general election, it remains to be seen whether Tancredo’s polarizing views would be viewed more or less negatively than the radical views of U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who is expected to be the Democratic nominee due to his bottomless bucket of cash.

Tancredo ran in 2010 as a Constitution Party candidate and, again, in 2014, as a Republican, but lost in the primary to fellow former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez.