Satellite image of North Korea, home of the “Dark Skies” program for environmentalists.

The Denver Post’s Bruce Finely writes that folks are desperately trying to flee “light pollution,” going to great lengths hiking to find “mystical moist sand” in the darkness to flop on their back so they can see stars.

Finley blames the gas industry, of course, as well as cars, malls, streetlights and billboards, and says lack of darkness causes cancer.

The sub-headline says “More than half of Americans no longer can see the Milky Way.”

Just look at this satellite map of the U.S.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that those half live in heavily populated cities. But, with some exceptions including Vegas and L.A., it’s still pretty dark out here in the West.

If it’s darkness you really covet, we suggest you book a flight to North Korea. They don’t have food, freedom or modern conveniences including an abundance of electricity, but they have plenty of darkness.