A recently-surfaced police report sheds light on the alleged violent rhetoric and inappropriate behavior of political committee Douglas County Parents, which is the de facto campaign committee for the union-backed school board candidates in Douglas County: Kevin Leung, Chris Schor, Krista Holtzmann, and Anthony Graziano.

The story begins near the end in August 2017. Douglas County Parents board member Jen Virdin, wife of Douglas County Parents’ spokesman Jason Virdin, and her friend, Stacy Chamaty were busted at Flagstone Elementary School passing out flyers at Back to School Night. Because Jen Virdin began yelling and her body language was “threatening” and “harassing”, a staff member at Flagstone called the police. It was in this police report that Virdin and Kelly referenced a previous police report (CR#15-25714).

This is where it gets seriously crazy.

According to the heavily-redacted 2015 report, an elementary school principal sought a restraining order against four subjects, including Virdin. The principal also requested charges for harassment against Virdin – and the principal provided 60 pages of documentation of ongoing bullying by the foursome. Here are some of the alleged complaints about the group of parents that were viewed as particularly threatening by the staff member:

  • “[Redacted] posted ‘I’d love to see Smitty [Kelli Smith] get her eyes pecked out by a starving peacock.
  • “And another parent stated, ‘Well, I don’t know. Maybe we can sell Kelly Smith’s organs. [Redacted] then added to that ‘[Redacted] LMAO!”

But those are just the ugliest tip of the iceberg. The entire police report is eight pages long, with much of it relating to the alleged abuse and harassment by the four friends.

Douglas County Parents repeatedly claims that teachers and staff support them and their slate. To which we have to ask – why? Why would any community put up with the repeated harassment and bullying of a school administrator?

While we cannot tell which actions are the Virdins and which are another party, we know for sure that adults would never stand for any of this behavior from kids. So, why are the pro-union campaign’s leaders engaging in this sort of bullying? If even one of these accusations against Virdin is even remotely accurate, the candidates they support should be disqualified in voters’ minds from running for office.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the disgusting, pig-like behavior that we have come to expect from unions in Colorado. Given that Leung, Graziano, Schor, and Holtzmann are supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in union cash, it should come as no surprise that their supporters drive a school principal to seek a restraining order.

Read the reports for yourself. Truly disturbing.