The penalty for not joining in the Obamacare pyramid scheme to obtain health insurance is a better option for more than one hundred thousand Coloradans who are paying the tax, a new study shows.

Even with all the federal subsidies, it’s still not affordable for some, and others just don’t need the insurance.

Meanwhile, the government is getting rich off this scheme to tax poor and young people, raking in $38 billion by 2026.

(The) report found more than 126,000 people who paid the penalty in 2015, nearly 5 percent of Coloradans who filed a tax return that year. According to the Congressional Research Service, payments in 2015 from Colorado alone totaled $60.6 million.

But Democrats are fighting to keep the tax, because without if, the pyramid scheme collapses and they predict the cost of healthcare will rise. Which ironically, is exactly what happened when the created Obamacare.