It appears that a game of musical chairs is cuing up for the 2018 elections as George Brauchler considers leaving the gubernatorial campaign chair for the attorney general’s seat.

The Denver Post reports that lots of politicos who work or talk to Brauchler are saying this switch is under discussion.

“The AG race in Colorado will be bigger than George, and the list of people qualified and dynamic enough to win a down-ticket race at this late date, less than one year out, is short. So, is he taking the calls and hearing people out? Yes, he is,” wrote Sean Tonner, a Brauchler adviser.

Brauchler has “reached out” to other Republicans mentioned for the AG race, including U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who says he is running for reelection to his own seat.

The AG race is already filling up on the Democratic side, and includes former Obama administration official Phil Weiser who already has a sizable fundraising lead of $700,000.

Also running is state Rep. Joe Salazar of Thornton, Michael Dougherty, assistant DA for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties, Denver attorney Brad Levin, and former prosecutor Amy Padden.