Jared Polis is looking past some formidable primary challengers and going straight after Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo with a slick website targeting the firebrand Republican who just recently entered the race for governor.

On November 2, the website TrumpTancredo.com was reserved under an ownership masking service that hides the name of the registrant. The site, featuring a stop sign with the words “Stop Tancredo 2018” looks like a scam PAC, but  the bottom of the hit piece is clearly marked “Paid for by Polis for Colorado.”

Polis recently entered into some sort of non-disparagement arrangement, named the “Clean Campaign Pledge,” but that appears to only impact personal attacks against other Democrat candidates. All of the major Democrat candidates signed the petition.  Apparently, Republican candidates don’t apply when it comes to dirty campaigning.

It will be interesting to see if other Democrat candidates abide by this pledge.  It is not the mark of a smart campaign to enter into such a bi-lateral disarmament pledge when you are already at a massive capital disadvantage…unless of course you have skeletons in your closet.