Last night, Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock responded to allegations by fellow state Rep. Faith Winters and eight other staff, legislators, and lobbyists.

Here’s an excerpt of his apology in a press release posted to his official website:

“I am respectfully asking any anonymous accusers and State Representative Faith Winter to submit any official complaint, through the normal professional process not just through the media. There is a professional, responsible process established by the Office of Legal Services for any accusations from employees of the State or anyone doing business at the State Capitol. I will honestly and thoughtfully submit my response to any allegation.”

In other words, file an official complaint or shut the eff up. It’s safe to say his “apology” was not well received.

Rep. Winters also responded saying that “sexual harassment is criminal.”

9News reporter Brandon Rittiman highlighted that Lebsock basically called his accusers unprofessional. Twice.

Democratic Rep. Matt Gray picked up Rittiman’s suggestion that Lebsock could be removed before next session tweeting:

Winters will meet with statehouse leadership and legislative services to determine her legal options on Monday.

We will be monitoring this story all weekend, PeakNation, as the pile on continues. But things aren’t looking good for Lebsock right now. Things also aren’t looking good for the Democratic leadership in the House, looking at you Speaker Duran. Did they do enough to protect women from Lebsock?