While Most of the Colorado delegation took to social media to thank veterans on Saturday, U.S. Rep. Jared Polis used the Veterans Day holiday to honor himself.

We checked out his “action” page, and to no one’s surprise, it turned out to be just words and zero action.

His top accomplishment, he wrote a letter to the VA about wait times.

He also sponsored one bill, one single bill, that purports to help veterans. The Veterans Conservation Corps Act, would have provide job training for veterans to become environmentalists, if it had become law after he first introduced it in 2015.

In a desperate attempt to appear veteran friendly, he reintroduced it again just two days before Veterans Day on Saturday.

In other “actions,” Polis also had a staffer call other members of Congress to add his name as a cosponsor to seven other bills. None of which have actually passed.

And, he brags that he voted on one bill that would prevent veterans from seeking private health care, keeping them trapped in the VA system.

But there’s more. His staff helped about 80 veterans this year alone recoup about three grand a piece in benefits. His staff also goes to meetings to talk about veterans, and Polis actually toured the yet-to-be-completed facility in Aurora.

It’s shameful enough that Polis tried to hijack Veterans Day to promote himself, it’s unforgiving that he has absolutely nothing to brag about when it comes to actually helping veterans.

No actions from Polis, just words.