A random line in a Denver Post piece about the sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Rep. Steve Lebsock caught our eye and kind of turned our stomach. In discussing new allegations brought forth by lobbyist Holly Tarry, an animal welfare lobbyist, Lebsock used a very strange comparison between Tarry and…a relative. Just read below:

“In the case of Tarry, he said it was a friendship in which the lines of appropriate conversation were crossed, which he regrets now.

“‘It wasn’t just a lobbyist-legislator relationship. It was a friendship,’ he said. ‘I loved her like a little sister.’

“Lebsock said he has worked at plenty of jobs where men and women talk openly about sex and, at the time, he didn’t see the pitfalls. All of the allegations against him involve coarse language.”

Say what? He loved Tarry like a little sister? With all due respect to Lebsock, we generally do not sexually harass or hit on our sisters. Here is a story that Tarry relayed to the Denver Post about Lebsock’s harassment:

“In one instance, she said, he asked her to have sex. She told him no, she said, and he made a crude joke in response.”

That’s some sick sh!t, Rep. Lebsock. Never have we ever propositioned a female relative for sex. Who does that? Rhetorical question. Allegedly, Rep. Lebsock does that.