It’s not just the daily visitors who would see dramatic increases to enter national parks under the government’s proposed fee structure — $70 a day at Rocky Mountain in the peak summer seasons — but vendors also face stiff price hikes.

The rate to bring in a sedan for venders in peak season is $160, that jumps to $370 for a van and $600 for a mini bus. A motor coach is $900 and for a new motor coach it’s $1,200.

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has intervened, and in a letter to the park service said, “Raising entrance fees to this degree could unfairly burden the public and create new barriers to the visitors that you hope to reach and inspire.”

Gardner is asking the government to extend the comment period beyond the 30 days that ends next week, and add another 30 days.

While everyone is preparing for the holiday season, very few are thinking about their park plans for next summer. The government would do right by Gardner’s request and give those affected a reasonable time period to comment on this questionable price hike.