A recent Facebook post by a Denver activist and shared by State Board of Education Director (and union apologist) Val Flores revealed some chinks in uber-millionaire and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who is now the pre$umptive front-runner in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Just read for yourself:

In case you missed the point that this activist made: “Support for Jared Polis at this point is support of oligarchy.” In other words, Jared Polis isn’t one of “us”. Could Polis be the Mitt Romney of the 2018 Colorado gubernatorial campaign? From this guy’s post, it sure seems like it. Blanton is pretty far left-leaning, and we were about to say that he’s probably further left than the average Democratic voter at this point, but that’s not true. He’s right in line with the majority of Democratic voters these days – in fact, he’s already declared himself a candidate for the 2020 U.S. Senate race.

If Polis isn’t capturing the hearts and minds of these folks, who is his base? Is it environmentalists? Probably not since many of them view him as a sell out after the 2015 debacle where Polis put a ballot initiative forward that would have basically eliminated fracking, but, then, walked it back in exchange for the toothless oil and gas hearings across the state that resulted in basically nothing. At the time, the rumor was that Polis would pull his crazy back in exchange for a leadership spot. It would appear he is still waiting and taking matters into his own hands.

If he doesn’t have the enviros, he doesn’t have the healthcare nazis, he doesn’t have the wealth redistributionists see above), he doesn’t have the union thugs, who exactly is in Polis’ corner?