Rep. Diana DeGette now says she was sexually harassed by former Democratic Congressman Bob Filner and that he tried to forcibly kiss her on an elevator many years ago.

She never said or did anything, she claims, because he was her colleague and she says he held no power over her for refusing his advances.

Actually, he was the ranking member of the Veterans Committee, so he did have power over any bill she ever wanted passed through his committee. As a member of the Democratic leadership, he had a lot more power than she did.

But there was no reason to do anything about it, she claims, other than avoid elevators. And, stand by while other women became his victims.

When Filner became mayor of San Diego and numerous women made sexual harassment claims against him four years ago, DeGette also kept quiet while U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi called for Filner’s resignation.

Stand by and say nothing is a very strange message DeGette is now sending women who have been sexually harassed, especially the Democratic lawmaker in her own state.