This Thanksgiving, Coloradans have much to be thankful for – great weather, a robust bench of candidates for statewide offices, TABOR, upcoming ski season, and, of course, our friends and families gathered today for the sole purpose of consuming mass quantities of calories and not talking about politics. President Trump, too, is gathering with his family at his Florida property, Mar-A-Lago for Thanksgiving where, in addition to traditional Thanksgiving fare, the First Family also will consume red snapper and rock shrimp, dishes popular in Florida.

This morning, President Trump sent out his Thanksgiving message to America. He acknowledged the challenges that we have faced as a nation, but praised the way Americans have helped neighbors, the indomitable American Spirit, and first responders. He noted that we are all bound by the common bonds of love, loyalty, and affection that make our country great. Trump asked for God’s continued blessing.

As for us, we are thankful for you, PeakNationā„¢. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We’ll get back to politicking tomorrow.