U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette’s “Me too” claims registered off-the-charts on the Richter scale of hypocrisy and we missed it.

It was a gem snatched up by the Colorado Springs Gazette, in which DeGette detailed an account of sexual harassment from another Democratic lawmaker years ago. She didn’t do anything or say anything about the lawmaker who years later was forced to resign from his mayoral position in San Diego.

Why come forward now?

“But what concerns me now, and this should concern everybody — what about the young staffers, what about the young interns.”

There’s the magic word — interns — a career-ending earthquake of sexual misconduct, for most.

More than any other living person, DeGette’s friend and ally Bill Clinton symbolizes the problem of older men using their powerful positions to have sexual relations with young subordinates.

Like many Clinton supporters, waging war against male aggression during a spate of allegations, DeGette should address the matter of Clinton and the multiple claims of serious abuse. She could help undo the culturally ingrained and problematic notion that some aggressors get a pass, because they are too big to fail.