Last night, Republicans  in the House District 47 vacancy committee selected Judy Reyher to replace Republican Rep. Clarice Navarro Ratzlaff, who resigned to lead the Trump administration’s Colorado Farm Service Agency. According to reports, Reyher bested fellow Republican Tamra Axworthy by a vote of six to five. That means Reyher will finish Navarro Ratzlaff’s term and, then, run again in 2018.

Reyher has a lengthy resume and volunteer history spanning agriculture, which is a huge factor in that area of Colorado, ranching, the Trinidad historical society, NRA, Wounded Warrior Project, and more. She also has served the Republican Party for many years as precinct chairs and as a county chair.

While we are sad to see Navarro Ratzlaff go, Reyher seems to have her priorities in line. Here’s what she told the Denver Post her priorities are:

“My big issues are agriculture, water, small business and education. We’re pouring lots of money into education, and we are still turning out kids that aren’t learning very much. There are exceptions, but for the most part we are turning them out like pancakes instead of educated young people.”

Welcome, Judy Reyher.