In a move that dials back generations of war, legislation, court cases, and public policy, the University of Colorado in Boulder has re-created its own shameful version of “separate but equal.”

This year the school re-flagged Hallett Hall a “Social Justice Living Environment.” This entails separate living quarters for students who identify as black, as well as an area for the ever-growing alphabet soup of sexual preferences.

A Colorado Springs Gazette editorial that ran this week pointed out that this move is blatantly against the state’s constitution, which outlaws “any distinction or classification of people’s be made on account of race or color.”

Additionally, this self-inflicted segregation flies in the face of the most cherished mantra of higher education in the US: that students attend college to be exposed to diversity.

Alumni and donors should be ashamed by this latest waste of money and betrayal of trust on the part of administrative decision makers at CU.  Promoting segregation is the absolute wrong answer for higher education in 2017.