Make way for the hard left, at least that’s the feeling some have about the calls for resignations happening within the Democratic Party nationally and locally. Here in Colorado, Rep. Steve Lebsock is accused of sexually harassing fellow Democratic legislator Faith Winter. Following the accusations, Democrats called for him to resign. He accused those calling for his resignation of playing politics as Lebsock also is running in the Democratic primary for state Treasurer against party insider Dave Young.

Similarly, U.S. Senator Al Franken has been accused of sexually harassing women and plans to resign in the coming weeks. Some have suggested that the far left Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, who is radically anti-Semitic, would replace Franken. (Although, some have suggested that a woman would be far more fitting.)

Look, we’re not suggesting that these Democratic men are innocent of alleged inappropriate behavior with women. But, in the spirit of Rahm Emanuel, are Democrats “not letting a crisis go to waste”? According to¬†CNN, in addition to Ellison,¬†Democratic Rep. Tim Walz, and Lt. Gov. Tina Smith also are under consideration, but Ellison seems to be a leading contender.

Are Democrats using the sexual harassment crisis to purge more moderate Democratic leaders from their party?