Well, this wasn’t what we told Santa we wanted for Christmas, but it’s certainly a gift. According to a tweet (with a picture!), the D.C. headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency once again has contaminated its hallways. This time, a water fountain backed up and spewed sewage into the hallway at the organization that is allegedly responsible for cleaning up the environment.

The plumbing issue follows a series of very strange instances of employees pooping in the hallways at the EPA office in Denver. From the (super graphic, so sorry) 2014 memo:

“‘A male supervisor…told her that management knows that it is a female on the [redacted] floor who has been wiping feces and menstrual blood on the walls…and that they are worried that her behavior is escalating,’ the official said in an email.

Misbehavior wasn’t just limited to the restrooms

I had one employee report that her house keys were stolen off her desk on Jan. 31st and she had to have her locks changed – she also said that this place is getting strange so I am going to apply for the buy out,” said another official….

There were reported problems in both sexes’ restrooms but on Jan. 13, the ninth floor men’s restroom had ‘a trail of poop leading out in hallway,’ according to the incident report.”

Once again, we’d encourage the EPA to clean up its own sh!t before requiring us to clean up ours.