Gov. Hickenlooper’s campaign to become Mr. Bipartisan quickly came to a close this week with his selection of the most left-leaning, liberal lawyer he could find to fill the Colorado Supreme Court seat with CU Boulder professor Melissa Hart.

The Democrat from Harvard specializes in discrimination law.

She preached in her application that her work focuses on “addressing the significant lack of legal services for poor and moderate-income people.”

Then she made her media bones with an amicus brief against the folks who didn’t want to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. It’s an important issue to many, but not the first problem that pops to mind for most low income and middle class Coloradans needing a lawyer.

Hick passed over an Alamosa judge who specializes in water law, Pattie P. Swift, and Marcy Glenn from the Holland & Hart law firm to appoint the professor.