The curious case of the Democratic IT staffer from Pakistan who worked for U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette and others has turned even more bizarre with the revelation that he ran a bogus used car dealership known as CIA with a terrorist connection.

The Daily Caller has the latest drama, in which Imran Awan’s family ran the bogus business with cars borrowed from another dealer, and turned over the profit to Awan.

Imran Awan and his family members were congressional IT aides who investigators said made unauthorized access to the House Democratic Caucus server thousands of times. At the same time as they worked for and could read all the emails of congressmen who sat on committees like Intelligence, Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs, they also ran a car dealership that took money from a Hezbollah-linked fugitive and whose financial books were indecipherable and business patterns bizarre, according to testimony in court records.

The Daily Caller used court records from the unfolding case and other reports to weave together the family exploits “selling” used cars for no less than $62,000, at a time federal agents suspected that terrorists were using used car lots to launder money.

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