Jared Polis is making a huge effort to style his liberal, Democratic self as an independent, inviting a reporter to ride with him to a fundraiser STRIKE house party hosted by a Trump-hating former Republican who declared that the GOP will just love what Polis has to offer.

He digs Jesse Ventura, supports bitcoin, and inherited a million-dollar business that now counts in Democratic some circles as being a businessman. He’s hip and forward, likes to play video games, the list goes on and on but doesn’t really give anyone much hope this would actually make him a good governor.

He claims to be a fiscal conservative and asks those in attendance to tell their moderate and conservative friends to vote for him.

He has a lifetime score from the American Conservative Union of 11 percent.

The Colorado Independent article gives us a glimpse into the world of “me first” Democratic politics, in which only one candidate is supposed to run for office at a time.

Polis says he would not be running if former U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar had decided to run, but he thought nothing of running against U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, who dropped out after Polis announced. That’s okay, Polis explained, because he and Perlmutter have the same voting record, which of course is party-line Democrat. Then Perlmutter dropped out.

Salazar and Perlmutter had made a deal that if one ran the other wouldn’t, but Polis says he wasn’t part of that conversation.

In conclusion, Polis says he would not have run for the Democratic nomination if Salazar had, and he jumped in the race with Democrat Perlmutter because they have the same Democratic voting record, but Polis is not a Democrat.

Got it.