A new budget forecast released yesterday showed Colorado could have almost a billion dollars in additional revenue in 2018.  State Senate leadership (and anyone who has driven a car in the Denver Metro area) suggested that the surplus be used to fix Colorado’s roads. Of course they did. What else would Colorado use the money for? Traffic is a disaster.

Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, emphasized the importance of using existing money as part of an overall transportation funding plan:

“Policymakers should leverage the dividends being paid out by this growing economy to provide relief from its chief impact, traffic. While state revenues are growing, unfortunately the cost in time and money to citizens and businesses due to congestion is also increasing. With a billion dollars of new money on the table, it is critical that we dedicate a significant share of those funds to our transportation system which is the lifeblood of our economy and key to our quality of life.”

Anyone who suggests any other use for these tax dollars at this point is super crazy. Just sayin’.