When folks think of the National Western Stock Show’s events, one that most frequently comes to mind is mutton busting, where kids (usually, but not always, boys) aged five to eight try to hang on to a running sheep for as long as possible. It’s adorable and it’s a great entre for kids to rodeo sports.

Apparently, one woman from England hates adorable and hates fun. She has started a petition to compel the stock show to shear the popular event from its line-up. From a CBS4 report:

“Those who want to get rid of the popular event, however, believe the activity to be cruel and barbaric.”

Don’t worry, PeakNation, the petition initiators are not suggesting it’s cruel and barbaric for kids. They’re worried about the sheep. Of course. An activist featured in the CBS story noted that “the entire Western Stock Show is a very violent event.” Um ok. It’s not like bullfighting. Nobody’s getting gored for sport (maybe later for food, though). Of all the events, mutton busting is about the least “violent.” Why don’t the out-of-country activists pick something like calf roping, which is arguably more violent, to target?

Fortunately, of the 80,000-plus signatures that this woman (and group called Lambenations) have gathered, a small percentage is actually from Colorado. Many aren’t even in the United States and are from Sweden, Germany, and France. Perhaps the petition signers should just stick to their side of the pond and let us enjoy watching kids dust themselves off after falling face first in mud in front of thousands of people.