Honestly, these people are just so effed up we don’t even know what to say. Craig Silverman recently interviewed Steve Lebsock on Dan Caplis’ show and Lebsock dropped a few new bombshells of his own regarding the accusations that he sexually harassed Faith Winter and other women. According to the interview, Lebsock said that “everything Faith Winter said in her formal allegation is a lie.”

That’s not the bombshell. The bombshell – or, more accurately – bombshells are that Lebsock is accusing Winter of changing her story over and over again. And, perhaps, more strangely, Lebsock is accusing Winter of coming on to him about a year before she claims he sexually harassed her.

The first allegation is that Winter has changed her story, that’s at about minute 32 in the podcast. According to Lebsock, he claims that she is accusing him in her formal complaint of “grabbing her effing a$$,” a claim she made with Democrats Rep. Garnett and Sen. Moreno the night of the incident. Yet, Lebsock claims that, in separate news reports, Winter claimed that Lebsock either grabbed her arm, or attempted to grab her arm, or stumbled onto her. We will try to pull these clips and compare her stories, but this is somewhat odd.

Perhaps even bigger news is that Winter allegedly came on to Lebsock at a Democratic State House retreat following the 2014 election. According to Lebsock, Winter told him how many times per week and/or per day she had sex with her husband. She, then, invited him to get into a hot tub with her, which he declined. This is related by Lebsock at minute 40 in the podcast.

Look, we don’t know who is lying or who is telling the truth, but this is getting crazier and crazier by the day. Draw your own conclusions because we’re just going to sit here with our popcorn and enjoy the show.