Another midnight Obama era regulation that took effect before he departed his throne has been overturned by the Interior Department, this one relieving the energy industry including wind from prosecution for accidental bird deaths.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act that passed Congress 100 years ago and forbade the hunting, taking, capture or pursuit of those birds was being abused by the Obama administration to solely and randomly harass the energy business.

It was time to get real, because let’s be honest: The energy business was no more pursuing birds to kill them than were the buildings housed by environmental groups, or the homeowner with sliding glass doors, or airplanes.

Environmentalists are upset because that’s their job, and are claiming they have lost their incentive to get energy to agree to more regulations to prevent accidents.

What they lost was the threat to jail folks up to six months and fine them $15,000 for every bird that accidentally flies into the structures.

It was an unreasonable reading of the law, and it has been corrected.