Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum over our tax cuts, behaving like children who are only going to get $19.50 a week instead of $20 a week for the allowance we give them out of our hard-earned paychecks.

U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter pulled the classic hissy fit, writing in a Scientific American opinion piece that without that extra pocket change, Congress can’t cure global warming, or spend money on other hot button issues allowing them to invest in their own reelection.

Here’s the Perlmutter/child reasoning: If we only give him $19.50 a week, then he will go into debt buying Milky Way bars and Happy Meals.

Not only that, but now he can’t buy the LEGO Star Wars Death Star for only $499.99 that he really intended to buy for … uhm … mom.

Adding insult to injury, Democrats complain, government won’t be able to keep hiring more people and the free market economy will simply be allowed to flourish.

Perlmutter’s sentiments that “Our country is too good to forsake a brighter future for everyone in the name of tax cuts for the few at the top” will surely falter. Especially when all working Americans get to keep more of the money they earn, and can buy our own LEGO sets.