In a less-shocking-than-you-might-expect move, state Sen. Cheri Jahn freed herself from the drudgery of being a Democratic legislator and announced she planned to leave the party and register as an unaffiliated legislator. Jahn has never been one to carry water for Democrats, siding with Republicans on some key issues, a trend she is likely to continue in the next legislative session, her last.

Jahn announced the switch on Facebook tonight, saying:

“…Ultimately, this was a very personal decision and one that will allow me to spend my final year in the General Assembly completely focused on important work at hand and representing residents of Senate District 20. Since first being elected to the House of Representatives in 2000, I have watched our state and national politics become more partisan and polarized. I have always brought an independent voice. I didn’t change, the system changed. This system is terribly broken. I have watched through the years and witnessed that there is more care about politics and those in power than serving people in the state.”

Yes, yes, that’s all true. But we have to wonder – what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Perhaps it was the way that Democratic Speaker Crisanta Duran covered up an issue with sexual harassment in the House Democratic Caucus, eventually giving an accused harasser (yes, we’re talking about you, Rep. Steve Lebsock) a position of authority as a committee chair, while the alleged behavior went unpunished. Or, maybe it was the way the Democratic establishment silenced voices of Bernie Sanders’ Colorado voters in 2016 through the Democratic Super-Delegate Vote Entitlement Program.

Either way, we can hardly blame Jahn. It’s been a long-time coming.