When we read numerous headlines that Gov. Hickenlooper had pledged to keep Washington from meddling in Colorado’s affairs and that he would block the efforts of those “half-cocked” Beltway bureaucrats who even tried, we were almost over-joyed.

Until we actually read the stories, only to discover what Hickenlooper actually said is that he fully intended to over-regulate with the help of his environmental friends when it suited them.

“I don’t want the federal government to come in and tell us what we created between business and the nonprofit communities isn’t good anymore because it doesn’t fit their political paradigm.”

Then he turns around and blasts the federal government, predicting they won’t do enough to help him solve all of our growth problems. What does Hickenlooper expect? That they will build a wall around our state to keep people out?

As usual, Hick speaks out of both sides of his mouth, blasting on one side while begging on the other for help.

He also told the Aspen crowd he hopes to be of some use after his term ends in a year, and we appreciate that. We just wish he had been of some use while he was governor.