Meet Carrie Ann Lucas. Not creepy at all, right, Rep. Polis?

Over the New Years weekend, the left crowed that it had camped out in Yuma, Colorado hoping to share their opinion on the tax reform bill (that’s helping millions of middle class Americans, btw) with Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (at his house, with his kids), and it was likely paid for at some place along the liberal food chain by U.S. Rep. Jared Polis. This was obviously simply a publicity stunt by the same folks who carried on inside Gardner’s office before being asked to leave. Sure, everyone has a difference of opinion about legislation occasionally, but, here’s what was gross about it – the protesters made Gardner’s family feel unsafe.

From a left-wing blog, who interviewed one of the protesters, Carrie Ann Lucas, who is running for office herself:

“I tried to contact Senator Gardner at his home in Yuma – his phone number is published in the phone directory for Eastern Colorado, as well as in the voter record database. However, his wife asked me to call the Senator at one of his nine offices during business hours. Mrs. Gardner complained about people “banging on her door after midnight” and disturbing herself and her children.”

Not awesome, guys.

See, here’s the problem that Polis has. He is one of the Gang of Four, who funded the vast left-wing conspiracy in Colorado, which includes the blog referenced above. While that may earn him some back slapping among his fellow far-left donors, it turns weird when you’re running for Governor.

If Polis was elected, would he stop funding these childish antics or, at least, the publicity of them via lefty blogs? Or, is it now appropriate for the Governor of Colorado to target elected officials’ families with crazy (yes, that woman is legit crazy) protesters because he disagrees with a tax reform effort? Where are the boundaries for harassing an elected official’s kids? Will Polis-funded projects continue to target Republican legislators’ kids?

Inquiring minds want to know.