A national effort is underway to stage another “grassroots” march by women to demonstrate their individual yet completely organized opposition to everyone who is not a liberal.

We know this grassroots effort is stirring, because it already has its own Wikipedia page.

Only seven states are on the spontaneous list so far, but we expect Colorado to magically join in the call any minute now.

Oh wait, here we come now.

Western Colorado has their own Facebook page with zero followers.

Colorado Springs has a page with six likes.

Southern Colorado is booming with nine followers.

And Denver has a whopping 46 fans.

From what we can tell so far from the Facebook pages, they are selling t-shirts. We counted four ads out of 15 total posts on the Denver page.

They are also selling a book called “Together We Rise,” billed as “the definitive oral and visual history of the Women’s March on Washington.” That’s the Facebook era for you, if it happened less than a year ago, it’s history to them.

The event is scheduled for Jan. 20. More details and actual interested participants are expected to follow.