A federal appeals court has agreed with rational thinking people and ruled that spontaneous political protests can’t be held at Denver International Airport.

Their logical decision reverses a lower court ruling that thought it was okay to hold political protests in highly secure buildings that are being targeted in this post 911 world by terrorists carrying hidden bombs.

The new ruling means hundreds or even thousands of people can’t just waltz into the airport unannounced, shouting and making a scene because they don’t like President Trump or last year’s temporary travel ban.

Liberals have to have a permit just like every other activist, which must be obtained seven days in advance.

As one DIA official pointed out, an international airport isn’t the same as a public street or park and operates in a unique environment.

Not to mention that it’s filled with people who are running late to catch a flight, and aren’t in the mood to debate with protesters, or even want to think about, at that moment, the prospects of terrorist attacks and reasons for travel bans.

The only avenue available to activists now to throw their hissy fits on demand is to try their case in front of the Supreme Court.

That’s highly unlikely, and so is a ruling in the activist’s favor. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals noted the Supremes have already banned face-to-face solicitations because it interferes with the airport’s function, congests the area, and generally annoys travelers.

Hurrah for common sense.